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The Twelfthnight Gala

Every year on the eve of the twelfth day of Christmas (actually the closest Saturday night) the Old Colony Club hosts its annual formal extravaganza. The Twelfthnight Gala is a formal affair at which we welcome in the incoming president and thank the departing one for his year of service. Wives, girlfriends, and guests are invited. There are usually around eighty attendees.

The grand old house is decorated in Victorian style, a stunning transformation from our usual Friday night setting. The food reflects the setting, an opulent array of delicacies both ethereal and substantial, revealed throughout the evening in seven courses. Foods include artfully-created canapes, oysters and caviar, lobster and black truffles, foie gras, elegantly-prepared beef, pork, and a galantine of turkey, sherbets to cleanse the palate after the roasts, a champagne toast and an authentic flaming Christmas Pudding, and a legendary display of pastry swans, petit fours, Nesselrode Pudding, and other fabulous desserts.