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Watching the Thanksgiving Parade

The annual expedition to Clark's Island is not an event of culinary significance, except that it marks the annual rebirth of Richmond's famous Venison Chili. Skip Taylor hosts us at his old family home on the south side of the island. The home and grounds have been in Skip's family since 1690, so we are sure to treat the visit with all the reverence the Club can muster.

We get together at whatever waterfront sites are available and board member's boats for the 30-minute trip across Plymouth Harbor to Clark's Island. There we refresh ourselves from the arduous journey with ales and lagers, but we steadfastly refuse to break our traditional fast until after the conclusion of certain ancient and secret rites.

Upon our return to Skip's house, we awaken our appetites with such tidbits as might be brought by members or provided by the House Committee, usually marinated olives, assorted pickles, and salty things. The expedition is made during hot weather, and exposure to the desiccating effects of sea, sun, and wind can be very hazardous even to such hardy souls as we, so we are certain to consume copious quantities of such beverages as might be found close to hand.

When we are sufficiently ravenous, Richmond uncovers his masterwork, carefully prepared at home and laboriously transported across the treacherous seas to our destination...see Richmond's Venison Chili.