Twelfthnight Gala

The annual Twelfthnight Gala is a Victorian event to kick off the new president's term in a style befitting the grand old house. Members and their wives step out in formal or period attire, hear period music, and dine on period food:

The First Course - Relishes

The Second Course - Salads

The Third Course - Seafood

The Fourth Course - Sherbets to Cleanse the Palate

The Fifth Course - Roasts

The Sixth Course - The Christmas Pudding and Champagne Toast

The Seventh Course - Desserts

Around the House:

In the Smoking Room


In the Card Room (upstairs)

In the Dining Room (downstairs, for dancing)

  • Stilton with Walnuts

  • Port

  • Cognac


  • Cookies and Macaroons

  • Coffee and tea



  • Cookies and Macaroons

  • Coffee and Tea