How to Use this Cookbook

You may have never seen a cookbook quite like this one. It is hardly a book at all, since it has neither cover nor binding. But from this site you can prepare your very own personalized Old Colony Club Cookbook.


You navigate through this document by following links. Links are underlined and blue. Clicking on a link with your mouse jumps to that page. You can go back by clicking the back button on your browser just like on any web site.  The menus are especially useful sources of links to recipes that go well together.


When a page is longer than your screen can show, there will be a scroll-bar to the right. You can make the page scroll up and down by grabbing the scroll-bar with your mouse and sliding it up or down. You can go in small increments by clicking on the little triangles at the top and bottom of the scroll-bar area.


In addition, there is a Table of Contents to the left - all the "question mark" icons are links to pages of information.

Printing pages

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Like almost all cookbooks, this one uses some standard abbreviations:






tablespoon (three teaspoons)




fluid ounce


pound weight